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Your solution to getting products to market quickly and cost effectively

Why choose Duet Electronics?

We are more than just PCB assembly

When you choose an Electronics Contract Manufacturer there are a number of things to consider. Of course there are the standard benchmarks of competitive price, available equipment and flexibility, along with a proven track record, but there needs to be a compelling reason to choose one over the other. Duet Electronics’ unique turnkey manufacturing capabilities, particularly focussed on quality and protection for your product, might be the critical point of difference.

Being an Electronics Contract Manufacturer (ECM), obviously we have surface mount lines, selective solder stations, through-hole assembly and everything you would expect from a company specialising in printed circuit board (PCB) assembly. It is however the things you might not expect which set us apart.

We create bespoke solutions for your valuable assets

Duet Electronics have the capability to design and implement, from the ground up, low pressure over moulding parts to protect your product from environmental factors such as moisture, dust and vibration. From 3-dimensional CAD design, to tooling production and procurement, through to finished product, we can be the one-stop-shop taking your PCBAs to full turnkey product before it leaves our premises.

Should you have a product where electronics need to be environmentally protected within an existing enclosure or body, we have the answer. We can encapsulate your product with precisely metered compound ensuring complete accuracy every time, using the latest dispensing equipment. This means you’re not paying for material you don’t need, and you’re not paying for out of date practices.

We tailor a solution for you

We organise design, boards, cables, plastic parts, metal work, assembly, testing, encapsulation, testing, serialisation, packaging, ready for your customer.

When you want to rely on your ECM to do the whole job – and I mean the whole job – Duet Electronics are the way to go. We do all this for current customers. We can do the same for you.