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As an experienced Electronic Contract Manufacturer, Duet Electronics has the skill and ability to engineer custom and proprietary electronic and electromechanical component assemblies in a wide range of fields.

We have the expertise to manage the design and get it into prototype testing quickly. We utilize experienced engineering design partners to meet your requirements to achieve the highest quality design at the lowest cost in the shortest time.

Global Purchasing

Duet Electronics materials management team does more than just buy the components. They’re responsible for the seamless management of our entire supply chain ensuring every link becomes a competitive advantage for our customers. The materials team monitors lead-times, stock levels and customer requirements ensuring material availability when it’s needed.

We work in partnership with our suppliers to ensure we achieve the most aggressive pricing today as well as ongoing reviews throughout the life of the project. Strategic and Volume parts agreements as well as In-Plant-Stores allow us to be more flexible and responsive to our customers’ needs.

Pcb Assembly

Surface Mount Assembly – SMT

  • Tin Lead or RoHS Compliant
  • High Speed Pick and Place
  • High Volume Production – up to 120,000 placements per hour
  • Single and Double Sided SMT assembly
  • Min. pitch 0.3mm placement
  • SMD packages down to 0201
  • Largest component: QFP & BGA’s to 55 x 55mm
  • Multi-Zone Convection Reflow Ovens
  • Automatic (Vision) Screen Printing
  • Max PCB panel size: 460mm L x 400mm W
  • 3D AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)
  • Component X-Ray

Through Hole Assembly

Duet Electronics is able to handle a wide range of capabilities that add value to your product. One of these capabilities is our Through Hole technology assembly capability which allows for assembly with the use of laser guided tables. Duet Electronics through hole operations also utilize state-of-the-art component prep equipment. Nitrogen Selective Soldering further complements our through hole assembly processes enabling Duet Electronics to be completely lead-free RoHS compliant.

Low Pressure Moulding

Technomelt/Macromelt hot-melt adhesives have long had a permanent place in the automotive industry. Now we are also able to offer Technomelt/Macromelt Moulding for over moulding of parts, over moulding connectors, printed circuit boards or use as a casting compound for electronic encapsulation.

The Technomelt/Macromelt family of plastics are environmentally friendly and will protect components from moisture ingress or mechanical damage. This is a process that can be technically classified somewhere between injection moulding and casting technology.


Encapsulation or as it is commonly known as, potting, consists of immersing an individual component or complete assembly in a liquid resin, and then curing it. The process is done using a pre-moulded potting shell, or directly in a mould. Encapsulation is mainly used to protect electronics from moisture and mechanical damage.

It is also used in high voltage applications to isolate live components allowing them to be placed in closer proximity to other components. We use a number of different types of materials and techniques to achieve the best encapsulation results, these include Various Epoxies, Silicone, Polyimide, Over Moulding and our own Low Pressure Moulding Technology and Macromelt.

Cable Assembly

Duet Electronics offers a full range of cable and loom assembly services. We build custom cable harness solutions to customer specifications servicing a wide range of industries including Defence, Automotive, Medical, Mining, Telecommunications and General Electronics.

Using the latest manufacturing equipment we provide ‘End to End’ solutions including integration of Wiring, PCB Assemblies, Over-Moulding, Box Build and Testing. We can supply in either Low or High volume with quick turnaround if required.

Integrated Logistics

Duet Electronics uses the very latest techniques for logistics management and management of the pool of suppliers, who become part of the productive process. Raw material costs account from between 80 to 90% of the cost of an electronic product and it is for this reason that Duet Electronics considers the material procurement and the logistics to be a critical success factor.

Duet Electronics uses a computerised system for stock control and manufacture. This ensures a high degree of flexibility and responsiveness that make for reduced running and administrative costs.

Conformal Coating

Duet Electronics provides selective and bulk conformal coating services for printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other electronic devices.

  • Spraying
  • Spray coating with component masking
  • Dipping


Duet Electronics test a vast array of products such as GPS Tracking Devices, Data Loggers, Environmental Systems, Security and AV Systems and Bluetooth Modules.

All testing that we currently undertake is 'functionally based' with specialized test equipment, fixtures or programs designed and built in house or provided by our customers. We also have in house X-Ray Testing.

Quality Control

Real time data is collected and analysed for each job that goes through our facility to ensure issues are analysed and corrective action is quickly taken. Production and any rework necessary are performed to the IPC-A-610 standard by highly trained and specialised staff.

Regular quality audits are conducted for our ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 accreditations as well as quality audits by various customers. All manufactured products are bar-coded and tracked during production as well as linked to all manufacturing processes and operators allowing Duet Electronics total control of production quality.